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Repeat Script Requests – AVAILABLE NOW

  • February 3, 2022

At The Village GP we understand that sometimes life can get in the way of our personal admin, and this can leave us without enough medication or a misplaced script. This is the last thing we want when it comes to our health!

Therefore, to support the care of our patients, we have decided to streamline our script replacement/renewal process and offer an online script request option for all existing patients of Dr Maureen and Dr Kelly.

Click on this link to request a repeat or replacement of your medication: Script Request
Your GP will then review the request and if deemed appropriate will send the script via e-script directly to your email, or you can choose to collect the script from reception. Please note that your script may appear in your spam or junk folder if sent via email.

This process ensures script requests are dealt with in a timely manner and there is appropriate documentation on your record. There may be situations in which the GP will require a consultation to complete your request. Should this occur, our team will notify you via SMS and invite you to make a booking to review your medication and discuss further.

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